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Freesat Dish Installations And Repairs

Freesat satellite fitting London

So many people in west London are making the most of how Freesat lets them watch satellite TV without signing up for a long term contract or facing monthly bills.

If you want to be next, or you already have Freesat and need repairs or an upgrade, call the West London Aerials team today. We are experts at all things Freesat.

So we can help you whether you have:

The Sky TV version of Freesat

You get over 240 digital TV channels and 85 digital radio stations. 11 channels are in glorious HD, plus you can record live TV.

The BBC and ITV’s Freesat

This version gives you over 200 TV and radio stations to watch and listen to. You also have HD channels to watch and can pause, rewind and record live TV.

The big bonus with both versions of Freesat is that you don’t pay a monthly subscription. All there is to pay is a one-off upfront cost. 

Freesat Satellite Dish Installations In London, Middlesex & Surrey

We will bring the dish and all the other associated hardware required to get you Freesat, including the set-top box. And we will install it in your home or workplace for you. If you need us to explain how Freesat works, we’re happy to do that too.

We Can Repair Your Freesat Dish
Like anything, sometimes Freesat can go wrong, and whether it’s your dish or set-top box that’s to blame, our expert engineers will quickly get to the root of the problem and fix it. 95% of the time we solve the problem on the same day we get to you, that’s how good our engineers are. So call us today.

Independent Freesat installer London

Multi-Room Freesat Installations
Making sure everyone can watch their favourites when they’re on usually means setting up Freesat in more than one room. If that’s the situation you’re facing, call in the West London Aerials team and we will bring the skills and equipment needed to get multi-room at your home or in your workplace. That includes all the wiring, sockets and extra set-top boxes that are required.

Freesat Support And Maintenance
For an annual fee, we will inspect your Freesat equipment four times per year and ensure you’re getting the best Freesat service. We’ll suggest replacements or upgrades that we believe will help keep your service performing at the top level.

Reasons To Choose West London Aerials:

Same Day Freesat Service – We’ll always try to get to you on the day you call.

Quick Job Completion Rate – 95% of the time we will complete jobs on the day we start them. That’s all down to the skills and expertise of our team.

Parts And Work Guaranteed For A Year – we’ll happily guarantee the work we do and the parts we use for 12 months.

When you need Freesat repairs, support and installation, call West London Aerials on 020 8226 4598.

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